Advanced Active Device Tech Expo

Advanced Active Device Tech Expo

September 25-27,2024 | SWEECC H2


Advanced Active Device Tech Expo


Why visit?

ADTE brings together the world’s leading suppliers in the field of active medical devices to showcase cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Advanced quality & technology forums will also be held concurrently, providing expert insights and technology trends to help you optimize your supply chain and save costs!

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1. 3 major exhibiting zones x 200 + enterprises build a one-stop platform for commerce and procurement. The three exhibiting zones have attracted nearly 200 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, who will exhibit processing solutions in advanced manufacturing fields such as medical electronics and showcase innovative solutions. It also serves as an excellent platform for meeting new partners.

2. An excellent platform to learn industry hotspots and meet thousands of business partners. Concurrent conferences include hot topics in the electronics industry, quality regulation and other popular topics. These conferences attract thousands medical electronics engineers from all over the world to communicate face-to-face with their peers, so don’t miss the opportunity!

3. Facilitating regular procurement to create a year-round procurement platform

To be your handy personal procurement assistant is Medtec ’s goal. We have CMDM online website and Wechat account(ID: imedtecchina) assisting procurement engineer with their daily procurement. Medtec China procurement assistant will search thousands of businesses and product libraries and try to recommend suitable suppliers. You can leverage these services to save time in preparing for your visit and help you expand your network!


Three special exhibiting zones stimulate industry vitality:

Optical components, endoscopic parts, lasers, imaging solutions

Chips, sensors, integrated circuits, connectors, power supplies, motors, software

AI, 5G Smart Medical, imaging equipment core parts, surgical robot

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